How Geodesign is Changing the Way We Plan

APA Illinois Chapter


Thursday, September 14, 2017
2:45 p.m. - 4 p.m. CDT

CM | 1.25

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This session will provide an overview of how our private practice is using a GeoDesign workflow to change the way we initiate, develop, and package plans for communities in which we work.


We'll examine some of the applications being developed by Esri as part of their effort to create smarter planning tools that will change the way GIS augments your planning efforts.  You'll hear about tools such as ArcGIS Pro, GeoPlanner, Drone2Map, SketchUp, CityEngine, VR, and more. This session will explain how these tools can help you better analyze data, evaluate multiple planning scenarios, and communicate plan recommendations through 3D modeling and more visually compelling graphics.


Each of these actions are sequential steps in the planning process, with the former informing the latter. If utilized properly, these programs can enhance information from the analyses, which in turn strengthens the possible planning scenarios, and thus develop stronger, more-informed recommendations. We'll highlight how these applications have been folded into our overall project workflow allowing us to develop more insightful and meaningful plans showcasing some of our Chicago-region projects.


Nikolas Davis

Nik brings over 10 years of professional design and planning experience to Houseal Lavigne Associates and as a Principal he manages much of the firm’s versatile studio work, as well as hones skill specializations in urban design, planning, geodesign, landscape architecture, site plan development, streetscape design, and zoning/code ... Read More

Devin Lavigne, AICP

Devin is a Principal and Co-founder of Houseal Lavigne Associates, with special expertise in urban design, land use planning, site planning, land planning, land use regulation, graphic illustration and development visualization, and geographic information systems. He is one of the profession’s top graphics professionals and is recognized for his ... Read More

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