The Intersection of Transit and Housing Affordability: Engaging at all levels towards an equitable, sustainable, and connected Region.

APA California Chapter, Orange Section


Friday, September 22, 2017
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. PDT

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What will it take in Orange County to implement a comprehensive commitment to build a transportation network and access to affordable and secure housing that serves all?

Housing and Transportations costs are on the rise.  Residents in Orange County are acutely aware of this and many have relocated themselves and their families to new cities in search of more affordable housing.  A new living situation, however, does not always equate to a new job, creating extended commutes exacerbated by the growing number of vehicles on the road.  

Conversations about affordability in this region must include the realities of both housing and transportation. Many families are struggling under the weight of a heavy housing and transportation financial burden, leaving them with difficult choices about what to spend on food, clothing, child care, and other expenses. 


Recently, municipal governments and organizations county-wide have begun forging a path towards integrated solutions.  Given the magnitude of the challenges, a new conversation is needed among stakeholders from multiple sectors to better understand the connections, challenges, and opportunities that are possible when housing, transportation, and the economy are considered together.


This dicussion will provide attendees with relevant information and perspectives that help them understand how and why housing and transportation solutions are inseparable.  



Alexa Washburn

Confirmed Speaker

Alexa Washburn is Vice President of Policy & Planning for National Community Renaissance, one of the nation’s largest non-profit affordable housing developers. She applies her creative land planning and design solutions to develop sustainable models that leverage community resources to enhance the feasibility, livability and sustainability of National CORE’s communities. Alexa has managed, prepared and implemented a variety of complex policy, planning and design projects in her 18 year career, including general, community/area, master, revitalization, downtown, and specific plans; corridor studies, housing elements, development entitlements, and sustainability strategies throughout California. Her projects have been recognized with 11 awards from the American Planning Association and Southern California Association of Governments. Alexa received her Master of Arts Degree in Public Policy & Administration and ... Read More

Barbara Correa

Confirmed Speaker

Barbara Correa is Director of Communications for the Irvine Campus Housing Authority and a Co-Founder of People for Housing - OC. Ms. Correa is an experienced strategic communications and public outreach campaign manager for public agencies and nonprofit organizations throughout Southern California. As a housing advocate, Ms. Correa is particularly interested ... Read More

Marika Poynter, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Marika Poynter has been with the City of Irvine for over 14 years. She is currently a Senior Planner with the Advance Planning Division of the Irvine Community Development Department, which includes long-range planning, regional planning, and interagency and interdepartmental projects. Ms. Poynter is the Chair of the Orange County ... Read More

Heather Stratman

Confirmed Speaker

Heather Stratman has been the chief executive officer of the Association of California Cities-Orange County since February 2016. She came to the ACC-OC after 20 years in local government and legislative advocacy, private-sector management and policy development. Most recently, she was CEO of Principle Strategic Advisors, a local-government advocacy firm ... Read More

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