Acquisition and Restoration Efforts in the Turkey Creek Watershed (Clay, AL): How Key Partnerships Can Help Protect Critical Habitat

APA Alabama Chapter


Wednesday, October 4, 2017
4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. CDT

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Acquisition and Restoration Efforts in the Turkey Creek Watershed: How Key Partnerships Can Help Protect Critical Habitat


This presentation will highlight land acquisitions and restoration projects in the Turkey Creek Watershed and the unique partnerships that support this work.  The Freshwater Land Trust, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, USFWS and local groups and municipalities are working together to protect the waters of Turkey Creek which is home to three endangered species of fish: the Vermilion Darter (Etheostoma chermocki), the Watercress Darter (Etheostoma nuchale), and the Rush Darter (Etheostoma phytophilum).  The primary threats to these species are: degradation of water quality due to sedimentation and pollutants; altered stream flow regimes and water quantity due to construction and maintenance activities; insufficient stormwater management; and impoundments. These activities lead to water quality degradation, stream channel instability, fragmentation of habitat and hydrology, and overall changes in the geomorphology of the Turkey Creek watershed.


Strategic land acquisitions by the Freshwater Land Trust, local municipalities and the State of Alabama (Forever Wild) play an important role in protecting darter habitat and will be highlighted in the presentation.  The presentation will explain how key projects aimed at improving the quality of the habitat were developed and funded and the lessons learned along the way. 


At the conclusion of the presentation, participants will:

Understand the Watershed Conservation Planning Model used by the Freshwater Land Trust


See Concrete examples of partnerships and outcomes from a key restoration project on Turkey Creek


Liz Sims

Liz Sims serves as the Director of Conservation Programs. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of the South and her Law Degree from the University of Richmond, VA. Prior to joining the Freshwater Land Trust as Dir. of Conservation Programs, Liz worked as the Development Director of ... Read More

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