Breaking Down Silos for Better City Building - City of Brandon, MS

APA Alabama Chapter


Thursday, October 5, 2017
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. CDT

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How can planners bridge the silos of local government to build better places? Local government without intentional intervention will by design operate under a silo mentality. For those who want to move beyond the traditional silos of local government, tools borrowed from the tech industry can create solutions. Big data, disruption, and lean start up principles crossover perfectly with traditional planning methods and planners are in a unique position to be a sparkplug for collaboration in local government. These tools fundamentally depend on a collaborative data sharing attitude. Using these tools to create opportunities for cross-collaboration will bridge silos, increase efficiency, and ultimately create better cities.



We will look at case studies throughout this presentation to see how these tools have broken the silos for the City of Brandon, Mississippi. We will look at how big data has helped informed the relationship between development patterns, long term infrastructure management, and financial planning. We will look at how disruption has helped democratize how public works makes decisions and how ambulances respond. We will apply lean start up principles to show how quick to application ideas are important to successful collaboration.


Matthew Hinton

Matthew Hinton Matthew Hinton serves as City Planner and GIS Coordinator for the City Brandon. His work has focused on the application of GIS in community planning, downtown development, historic preservation, and stormwater management. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Geosciences from Mississippi State University, and a master’s ... Read More

Jordan Rae Hillman

Jordan Rae Hillman, AICP Jordan Rae Hillman serves as Community Development Director for the City of Brandon. She has over 10 years of experience in planning and design. Previously, she served as director for the Canton Chamber of Commerce Main Street Association. Her work has focused on downtown development, urban ... Read More

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