Who's Driving This Thing: Planning for Livable Communities in the Era of Disruptive Transportation Tech

APA Ohio Chapter


Friday, September 29, 2017
1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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This session will discuss current trends, pose a series of questions about the possible impacts of a driverless transportation system, and consider alternative possible answers to those questions. This session will also look beyond the impacts of the driverless car to consider the implications of increased reliance on unmanned aerial systems (aka drones) to provide freight and delivery services in lieu of human drivers. Speakers will explore the potential implications for changes to travel behavior, housing choices, the built environment and urban growth patterns, social equity and economic sustainability. The session will also discuss the professional planner's role in visualizing, anticipating, and addressing impacts of these disruptive technologies and engage the audience to consider how they can act to ensure we advance our communities goals for livability and quality of life in the face of unprecedented and uncertain change.


Gulsah Akar

Confirmed Speaker


Justin Goodwin, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Justin Goodwin, AICP is a transportation planner with the City of Columbus, Ohio, where he oversees a wide variety of multi-modal planning and street design initiatives, including long range thoroughfare planning, pedestrian accessibility enhancements, active transportation improvements, and coordination with the local transit agency and metropolitan planning organization. Prior to ... Read More

Jason Reece

Confirmed Speaker

Jason Reece is an assistant professor, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, in the City & Regional Planning Program, at the Knowlton School of Architecture. His research and professional experience focuses on social equity in city planning, health equity and asset-based community development. Jason has acted as an advisor and capacity builder ... Read More

Amber Woodburn McNair

Confirmed Speaker

Amber Woodburn is an Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning in the Knowlton School at the Ohio State University. She is actively working to mobilize the design and urban science disciplines to integrate Smart City concepts into academic research and higher education. Her goal is to develop a collaborative ... Read More

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