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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EDT

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         Accelerated Bridge Construction for a Double-Composite Steel Tub Girder

         The Darlington Upgrade project is a $620 million project to improve approximately 3.3 kilometers of one of the most

         important transit corridors in Adelaide, Australia. Jacobs Engineering Group was selected as a part of The Gateway South

         Consortium, a design/build joint venture, to design the project. Jacob's Chicago office was responsible for the analysis

         and design of a continuous, three-span, curved steel tub girder bridge carrying a multi-use path as well as vehicular

         traffic over a major expressway. The project is innovative in its use of a double composite concrete construction, where

         the girder section over the piers acts compositely with the deck as well as with concrete poured in the bottom of the steel

         tub section to resist the negative moments.   The presentation will discuss bridge geometry, modeling, design

         methodology differences between the US and Australia, and benefits and challenges of using double composite

         construction methods.

         Cost-Effective Replacement of an Aging, Highly-Skewed Highway Bridge Over Active Rail Lines Using Prestressed          

         Concrete I-Beams, Ashtabula County, Ohio

         Palmer Engineering, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and Shelly and Sands Contracting collaborated to design

         and construct a complex but cost-effective bridge to carry US Route 20 over multiple rail lines in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

         The project was complicated by the fact that the rail lines intersect the road at a skew of over 71 degrees, the soils are ill-

         suited for bridge foundations, and cross roads intersect US 20 near each end of the bridge. The solution utilized an

         innovative strategy of spanning the rail lines with low-profile prestressed concrete I-beam placed perpendicular to the

         abutments, instead of parallel to the roadway, greatly reducing the span length and the associated superstructure depth.

         Additionally, the design made significant use of mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls.

         Design and Construction of the O'Hare Airport Automated Train System (ATS) Guideway Structure

         The Joint Use/Consolidated Rental Car (CONRAC) Facility currently being built by the Chicago Department of Aviation at

         O'Hare International Airport will redirect numerous activities from the airport central terminal and significantly reduce

         rental car, regional and shuttle bus traffic on the terminal roadway. In order to access the new facility, the airport's

         existing automated train system (ATS) is extended approximately 1829' northward and terminates within the proposed

         CONRAC station. The design and construction of the new ATS Guideway structure that supports the ATS extension is the

         focus of this presentation.  The presenter will discuss various elements that guide the layout and design of the Guideway

         structure including ATS travel times, Guideway geometry, design codes such as the ASCE Automated People Mover

         Standards, the different design loads and load combinations, serviceability concerns such as deflections and resonant

         frequency and coordination with architectural and structural aspects of the new CONRAC station. With the Guideway

         structure currently under construction, means and methods associated with substructure and superstructure construction

         (such as girder erection procedures) will be discussed as well.


Matt Johnson

Invited Speaker

Professional Engineer, Palmer Engineering

Marco Loureiro

Invited Speaker

Structures Department Manager at Jacobs

Robert Hunt

Invited Speaker

Senior Bridge Engineer, Shelly & Sands, Inc.

Michael Lenett

Invited Speaker

Senior Professional / Assistant Vice-President within TranSystems Read More

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