Smart Columbus Electrification

Ohio LTAP Center / Ohio Depart


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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         PowerForward - Ohio's Grid Modernization Initiative

         Chairman Asim Haque will be discussing the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s (PUCO) grid modernization initiative,

         PowerForward.  The aim of this initiative is to advance state energy policy by exploring technological and regulatory

         innovation that could serve to enhance the customer electricity experience.

         Smart Columbus Electrification Plan and the Enabling Technology for Electric Vehicles

         The Smart Columbus Electrification Program is intended to help diversify transportation and the economic and

         environmental vitality of the central Ohio region. The program includes four priority areas: De-carbonization of the

         Electric Grid, Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Conversion, EV Consumer Adoption, and EV Charging Infrastructure. As this

         program provides several benefits to the area, the local charging infrastructure is an important enabling technology that

         establishes a system to support EV's. This program not only will accommodate EV owners but help community leaders,

         agencies, developers, and companies understand how to find the correct chargers for their site, correct placement, and

         other important considerations such as design. The Electrification Plan identifies four main areas to place charging

         infrastructure: Multi-unit dwellings and single family residences, workplace charging, publicly accessible charging, and

         public and private fleet EV charging. The plan also studies various barriers to implementing charging stations, as well as

         the planning process for placement of the charging stations. This presentation will discuss the current progress of the

         Smart Columbus Electrification Program, an overview of the priority areas, and details about the planning, design, and

         implementation of both public and private charging stations. The presentation will also provide other information such as

         lessons learned, policy implementation, and how data from the chargers can be used.

         Smart Columbus Easton EAV: Autonomous First-and-Last-Mile Transit for Columbus

         The City of Columbus won the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) $40 million Smart City Challenge in June,

         2016 to implement a holistic vision for how technology can help all residents to move more easily and to access

         opportunity. A further $10 million grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation was awarded to the city to help reduce

         greenhouse gas emissions through the de-carbonization of the electric supply and transportation sectors. One element of

         this multi-faceted transportation and technology project is the analysis of a potential EAV (electric autonomous vehicle)

         application in the Easton area. The primary purpose of the project is to develop transit connections using EAV technology

         to provide first-and-last mile connections between the thousands of office and retail jobs in the Easton area and COTA

         bus routes that bring workers and shoppers to the area from throughout central Ohio. This project is also expected to

         benefit those who do not use transit to access the area by providing a convenient option to circulate within the Easton

         area. The speakers will discuss the transit market analysis process that identified niche markets for the EAV service, the

         constraints related to the current state of EAV technology, the benefits of interactions with other SmartColumbus projects

         such as the connected vehicle environment, and how the team worked with COTA, property owners in the Easton area

         and other stakeholders to design Columbus' first autonomous transit service.


Patti Austin

Invited Speaker

Administrator, Division of Power, City of Columbus

Bud Braughton

Invited Speaker

Senior Smart Columbus Manager, City of Columbus

Andrew Wolpert

Invited Speaker

Professional Engineer, Project Manager, ITS / Technology Program, City of Columbus Read More

Asim Haque

Invited Speaker

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Read More

Katharina McLaughlin

Invited Speaker

Associate Consultant, WSP

Timothy Rosenberger

Invited Speaker

Project Manager, WSP

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