Rural Planning Caucus of Virginia


Friday, October 20, 2017
9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. EDT

CM | 1.50
E | 1.50

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his session will engage the participants in a series of hypothetical fact scenarios. The session begins with a brief outline of the AICP Code of Ethics and its categories. The scenarios will then be presented, with a series of questions posed to the participants based on the scenarios. The application of the aspirational principles and the enforceable standards will be discussed. Definitive answers will not exist to all questions, but different interpretations and approaches will be examined. Additionally, audience members are repeatedly encouraged to comment upon the presenter’s and fellow participants’ responses and/or present their own questions. Since ethics is sometimes a gray area calling for interpretation of integrity and individual judgment, the presenter is willing to be put “on the spot” by the questions and comments of practicing planners attending the session. Persons attending this presentation will learn to recognize ethical issues in planning and how to apply the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to these issues. Participants will better understand and apply the AICP Code of Ethics. Practical application of the Code of Ethics in resolving real life ethical dilemmas will be emphasized. Participants will also understand how the code is applied and the professional consequences of failing to meet the standards of the Code. Finally, the session will relate the principles of the code to the everyday experiences of professional planners.


Jared Anderson, AICP

Jared Anderson is a Supporting Land Use Attorney at the Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic. Jared received a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a minor in Economics from West Virginia University. After graduating, he worked as a GIS specialist for a small engineering firm in Virginia. Later ... Read More

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