A Collaborative Approach for Development of the City of Rochester and Monroe County Green Infrastructure Retrofit Design Manual

APA New York Upstate Chapter


Wednesday, April 25, 2018
3:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. EDT

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The goal of the project was to improve the ability to successfully incorporate green infrastructure into stormwater management within the City of Rochester and Monroe County. This was accomplished by developing a localized G.I. Manual that contains practices focusing on stormwater retrofits for redevelopment projects. The Manual was designed so it can be easily replicated by other communities, expanding the potential for positive environmental impacts and improved water quality. The G.I. Manual includes planning, construction, operation and maintenance considerations for G.I. retrofit projects.  The bulk of the manual focuses on technical design details for installation of G.I. specifically related to urban retrofits.  Detailed design sections were developed for tree pits and trenchs, porous pavement, bioretention, rain gardens, vegetated swales, stormwater planters, green roofs, rooftop disconnect, rain water harvesting/recycling, stream daylighting, and stream buffer restoration. 

Implementation of the design recommendations, guidelines and maintenance protocols in the G.I. Manual will result in increased community resiliency, a reduction in nuisance flooding, mitigation of phosphorous, pathogen and sediment loading into impaired waterbodies, improved quality of life, elevated property values, enhanced streetscape appearance and better community design, and opportunities for interaction with natural systems in urban settings. The final document was developed to be flexible with the ability to evolve in response to new data.


The presentation will present the technical content of the G.I. Manual, including specific considerations for retrofit applications, along with the overall collaborative process that incorporated input from numerous stakeholders into the development of the Manual. 


Tom Robinson

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Dave Hanny

Invited Speaker


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