Session 2.2 Establishing an Off-Base Stream and Wetlands Mitigation Bank Using Title 10 USC § 2684a and The Sikes Act: Process and Lessons Learned

APA Federal Planning Division


Wednesday, April 25, 2018
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

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Using the authority of 10 USC §2684a and the Sikes Act, the Air Force has aligned plans for implementation of environmental collaboration between the Air Force and third-party entities to achieve strategic goals for long term base needs (O&M and/or MILCON), creating an off-base stream and wetland mitigation bank.  By creating a bank, vice approaching each wetland search piece-meal, Joint Base Andrews paved the way for an approved, intra-agency process available to other Air Force units.  With no available acreage on-base to use for mitigation, the Bank will provide credits to support construction permits for JBA projects potentially impacting waterways and wetlands.  The Air Force has partnered with GreenTrust Alliance, Inc. (GTA) to establish an Umbrella Mitigation Bank Instrument with environmental regulators for the management of mitigation sites and credits.  In addition, the partnership has established a conservation easement with a local landowner for the environmentally eligible Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Site in Charles County, Maryland.  On behalf of the Air Force, GTA has developed the project proposal and obtained Federal and State regulator concurrence, and completed planning and analysis functions demonstrating the site’s viability to support mitigation.


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