Session 1.7 Air Force Comprehensive Planning Platform – Digital Installation Development Planning for the 21st Centruy

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, April 26, 2018
10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. CDT

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The Comprehensive Planning Platform (CPP) integrates the Air Forces Installation Development Plans (IDP) with asset management, component plans, and District Plans.  The CPP will enable collaborative planning at the installation level, by integrating planning processes which support the installation development process.  In January 2018, the Air Force released Spiral 1, which included the Installation Development Plans.  In the next year, Activity Management will also be included with future releases including District Plans and component plans. 

The CPP allows for data to be inputted once, and displayed in multiple locations – and updated as needed.  The tool includes mechanisms for reviewing Planning Actions against the parameters set forth in the IDP, and documenting alternative evaluations as part of the planning process. 

The discussion will include a brief overview of the Air Force Comprehensive Planning Process, the evolution of the planning process, the incorporation of asset management and form-based planning into the process in order to develop agile and responsive installation development plans.  The discussion will conclude with a live demonstration of the tool, as well as an over view of the technology being used. 

Learning Objectives:

- How Asset Management influences installation development

- How form-based planning can be used to develop agile and responsive development plans

- How technology enables data driven-decision making

- Understand transformative shifts in Air Force planning to accommodate ever changing requirements with good planning principles and strategies

Of importance to FPD

- Understanding of the Air Force’s approach to shifting installation development from a traditional “doorstop” plan, to a dynamic planning process with emphasize incorporating asset management and planning principles


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