Session 1.8 The Rolodex – an AFCEC consolidated data gathering and analysis tool informs basing and beddown, NEPA documentation, project validation, and installation development plans.

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, April 26, 2018
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

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Presenting the Rolodex, a centralized data gathering and analysis tool developed by AFCEC to better track, control, and share information Air Force wide.  The Rolodex compiles information from a number of sources to provide auditable data on the most frequently asked questions about AF Installations based on past Basing and Beddown, BRAC, and MAJCOM questionnaires.  The Rolodex has been created by consolidating information into one central database and running a variety of planning analysis on information pertaining to the Installation Setting, Airfield, Airspace & Ranges, Encroachment, Costs, Developable Land, Facilities, Base Operations Support, Weather, and Utilities to better inform decision makers and Installation leadership on the disposition of Air Force Installations.  This session will share the basics behind the creation of the Rolodex, data sources, lessons learned, analysis tips, and uses to help Installation Planners understand the importance of updating their data and verifying data source information, as well as sharing how this information is used at the HAF and SAF levels.  This session also hopes to share insights and start discussions with other Services on data management, sharing data analysis, and possible joint uses.


Peter Senior

Senior Planner at BAH

Sarah Wagner

Enterprise Planner with the Air Force Civil Engineering Center Read More

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