Session 1.10a The Future of Asset Management

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, April 26, 2018
3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. CDT

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Business are becoming organizations that are fundamentally information technology organizations that do something.  The real value creation comes from how well the organization manages information.  Walmart may be considered an information systems organization that sells retail goods.  At one time DoD base organizations were primarily involved with the building of bases.  This presentation suggests that DoD base management organizations need to become information systems organizations that plan, build, maintain and managed bases.  To do this they will have to become organizations that understand the ABCs.  Analytics, Big Data, Computer Modeling, Cyber security and Sensors.

The learning objective is to make the audience aware of the changes that are occurring in the management of physical assets.  Physical infrastructure now has a digital component even if it is a water line, or electrical grid, or a dam.  The presentation asks the question of how do organizations that manage physical assets (buildings, steam lines, or transportation systems) adapt to a digital world. 

The importance to FPD members comes from the fact that these digital changes are impacting all government levels and all federal government agencies that manage physical assets.  Not only are they impacting physical infrastructure, the impacts can be significant financially.  The impacts can also have a life safety component.   The new digital world can provide significant benefits, but also there is risk.  Do we have a management culture that is adapting fast enough to this new world.  Since typically FPD members are heavily involved with the new construction, new developments and new infrastructure, the members should be aware of the wav e of digital change that is impacting their organization.


William Cadwallader

Branch Chief NAVFACFE

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