Session 3.10 That’s Not My Job, Or Is It? Making Your Plans Come to Life

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, April 26, 2018
3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. CDT

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Planners across DOD branches engage in extensive planning to ensure mission sustainment. These plans rely on relationships, patience, and strategy. Many times the success of relationships are the result of creating a “culture of yes” to assist with work that may not fall squarely in the planner’s position description/PD. We will explore opportunities to facilitate relationships by recognizing that a PD may not answer the mail and that maybe the random calls for assistance are a part of your job.

Attendees in this session will explore real-life examples of successful plan implementation, lessons learned from implementation failures and setbacks, as well as best practices employed by several branches of the Department of Defense. Panel members will provide the basics about various DOD plans and general methods used to engage on-base partners and local government partners on implementation.


The panel members will individually discuss their local programs to lay the groundwork and then will discuss as a group the best methods that they have found to achieve successful plan implementation. They will do so through candid discussion about program successes, failures, and setbacks, using examples of each to illustrate the value of communication, collaboration, and patience to achieve meaningful long-term plan implementation.


Special focus will be given to:

1.       The long-term nature of program success. Discussion will include the cultivation of intergovernmental relationships, the importance of sharing short-term wins with partners, and the need to engage difficult or reticent partners.

2.       Applicability/replicability to other branches of the DOD and to other federal agencies’ planning communities.

Creating a “culture of yes” when answering requests for assistance, collaboration, and partnership from those outside of your agency. This may include local government partners, state agencies, local landowners, other federal agencies, etc.



Rachel Wiggins, P.E.

Planner Ecology and Environment

Mike Branum

Community Plans and Liaison Officer Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas Read More

Tim Fox, RLA

Base Master Planner Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas

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James Potter,