Session 1.11 UFC Planning in a NON-UFC World, comparing methods from DoD, Commercial and other Institutions

APA Federal Planning Division


Thursday, April 26, 2018
4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. CDT

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Six years ago the UFC outlined the minimum requirements to prepare Master Plans for the DoD and aligned agencies.  This session is focused on comparing and integrating the UFC elements and Non-UFC planning processes to produce better plans.  Key discussion points being addressed include; planning process, growth vs. capacity, requirements without a mission, implementation, and regulating plans.

The program is intended to improve our planning process and deliverables by actively looking at other methods from other agencies, organizations, and businesses long term facility planning to enhance our UFC based planning.  The UFC provides a solid process and defined deliverables for master plans.  A general review of the content and reasoning will be given as a baseline to planning for comparison to other processes.


The commercial and manufacturing businesses work towards a balance of facilities, image, and resources paired with profit and market requirements.  These elements drive the planning process to be agile and timely with a unique aspect on requirements and implementation.  These can focus on rapid (fast-track) implementation for known product delivery to integration of future growth.


Public institutions similar to municipalities and parks districts have similar funding constraints that drive planning solutions to be implemented over years and decades to balance funding.  The dynamics of providing cost effective services with transforming facilities drives more economic analysis and S.W.O.T based evaluations to determine the programs and priorities.


Blended complexes with State and Federal activities call for the integration of all the tools and processes to develop the best solutions and integrated funding for implementation.  Elements of the unique methods to determine the development requirements and standards can build upon the UFC to exceed the requirements and customize the entire process and achieve the right solution.


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