FRI-D01: WeFabricate: Stewarding the Design Process with Craftsmen and Materials



Friday, October 19, 2018
9:59 a.m. - 9:59 a.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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The creative, adaptive collaboration between designer and fabricator can result in timeless, visionary landscapes. This entire process, which we are calling “craft,” yields incredible skills, knowledge, and beautiful work. By intentionally cultivating these partnerships and interconnecting deep specializations, we can expand and elevate the practice of landscape architecture. 1. Showcase fabrication processes and the beauty of “craft” in landscape architecture, while examining ways to steward “craft” in the field. 2. Learn how designers imagine with a specific material in mind rather than several different material options and utilize research, observe traditional methods, and use contemporary technologies to fabricate. 3. Discover how landscape architects and fabricators address the unexpected technical challenges in design, and understand the value of mock-ups and managing client expectations. 4. Understand the collaborative nature of fabrication and knowledge-sharing between landscape architects, designers, and craftspeople that results in long-term value for all.


Sandra Nam Cioffi

Sandra Nam Cioffi, ASLA is a Designer at NBW with experience working on a wide range of projects including masterplans, public parks, urban plazas, residential farms, and botanic gardens. In 2017 she received a Virginia ASLA Honor Award for her “Pattern Research: Honoring Tradition in Contemporary Islamic Garden Design.” She ... Read More

Perry Maas

Perry Maas leads the site furniture and lighting projects of West 8 urban design & landscape architecture a design studio based in Rotterdam and New York. Perry has been working as a Project Designer for West 8 since 2005. Perry has a background as an industrial designer and mechanical engineer. Besides ... Read More

Alexander Kitchin

Alexander Kitchin is the Design Principal at Fine Concrete. A specialist in 3-dimensional casting and Ultra High Performance Concrete with over 25 years of design and fabrication experience in custom concrete elements. Alexander currently teaches design studios at the University of Virginia investigating the character inherent in materials and how ... Read More

Nicole Sherman

Nicole Sherman is an expert in Ultra High Performance Concrete design and manufacturing systems with a background in design and product development. As a principal in the firm and the managing partner, she focuses on financial and business development, project logistics and implementation, and product design and marketing in custom ... Read More

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