VTrans 2040 - A Connected Commonwealth

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
4 p.m. - 5 p.m. EDT

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The Virginia Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) has completed VTrans2040 – the long-range, statewide multimodal plan that provides the overarching vision and goals for transportation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It identifies transportation conditions and trends anticipated over the coming years and their potential influence on transportation and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This comprehensive plan was developed with the idea that Virginia’s multimodal transportation system will enable Virginians to benefit from a sustainable, reliable transportation system that advances Virginia businesses, attracts a 21st century workforce, and promotes healthy communities where Virginians of all ages and abilities can thrive. Developed over a four year period, VTrans2040 sets the vision for Virginia’s future transportation system and provides direction to state and regional transportation agencies on strategies and policies to be incorporated into their plans and programs.

This session will provide details about the technical approach employed to develop VTrans2040 and its various components, including the Vision Plan, the 2025 Needs Assessment and recommendations, as well as the scenario planning, freight element and stakeholder and public engagement methods that were undertaken. The first phase of the plan development approach included the evaluation of statewide demographic, economic development, freight, and transportation trends as well as significant research and stakeholder and community outreach. The next phase involved the development of the 2025 Needs Assessment which examined the performance of identified corridors of statewide significance, regional networks and urban development areas, as well as identifying safety needs throughout the Commonwealth. These three sets of needs were developed through separate but coordinated processes which produced multimodal transportation needs for 2025 that were used as a screen to help determine funding as a part of the Virginia SMART SCALE scoring process. These efforts, combined with the VTrans Vision, also enabled the Commonwealth Transportation Board to fulfill legislative requirements for the statewide multimodal plan.

The VTrans2040 Plan has defined multimodal transportation needs and produced recommendations to enhance transportation in Virginia. It also helps decision makers consider future scenarios for 2040 and the demographic, economic, technological and environmental drivers that will influence how transportation will shape the future of the Commonwealth. This session will demonstrate the significant influence that VTrans 2040 and transportation network has on defining the physical, environmental and economic future of the Commonwealth and the people who live here.


Robin Grier

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David Jackson, AICP

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Lorna Parkins, AICP

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Lorna Parkins, AICP, Vice President, Transportation Planning, Michael Baker International. Lorna Parkins has 30 years of experience in transportation planning, including both public sector and private sector positions. She has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree in Applied Economics from University ... Read More

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