Safe Routes to Transit, Parks and Schools

APA Indiana Chapter


Thursday, August 30, 2018
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CDT

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Providing safe routes to destinations for walking and bicycling is an emerging trend in planning and public health.  It expands on the Safe Routes to School approach by including parks, transit stops and other destinations for walkers and bicyclists as a way to increase levels of physical activity. A key part of a Safe Routes Program is an analysis and audit of existing conditions within, surrounding and connecting to these destinations.  This session will explore the issues that should be considered in a safes routes to destinations approach. Techniques for analyzing linkages to destinations will be discussed along with a process to conduct a site audit.  The group will visit Garfield Park to discuss access issues for pedestrians and bicyclists along with identifying opportunities and challenges to connect with local and regional transit.  The group will then visit the nearby Sense Charter School to meet with the Outreach Coordinator  and observe the school dismissal to analyze pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation at the busiest time of the school day. 



1. Participants will learn three new ways to incorporate equity into their Safe Routes to Destinations efforts within the Safe Routes to Parks Action Framework.  

2. Participants will learn three new ways to observe the built environment through walk audits and school dismissal observations, to support Safe Routes to Destinations efforts. 

3. Participants will learn three ways to identify a school or neighborhood of focus for Safe Routes to Destinations efforts based on safety data and leveraging existing community efforts.  


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