Conservation, Recreation, and Connectivity Opportunities of the White River

APA Indiana Chapter


Thursday, August 30, 2018
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CDT

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The Hoosier Environmental Council will lead a bike tour of Indianapolis’ White River Greenway. Utilizing the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to access the White River Trail from the Omni Severin, this tour will include multiple stops to discuss various topics including efforts to enhance the White River as a recreation, transportation, and conservation asset, the intersection between trails, conservation, and a healthy environment and how all of those things enhance active transportation, a discussion of efforts to improve connectivity of trails locally and regionally, urban and rural, along the White River via the Mounds Greenway project, and an overview of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust’s Partners for the White River project, which seeks to improve the health of the White River. Underpinning these conversations will be a theme of how conservation, active transportation facilities (i.e., trails) and clean, healthy waterways contribute to a variety of beneficial health, transportation, and economic development outcomes. Examples of the growing wave of greenways will be cited with a nod to their impact on quality of life and quality of place, civic pride, tourism, environmental improvements, health and wellness, and more. In addition to stimulating conversations, participants will see first hand, from the seat of the bike, the opportunities that exist in Indianapolis for enhanced trail connectivity both within the City and further abroad. Stopping points may include the Indianapolis Urban Wilderness Trail, White River State Park, the GM stamping plant, IUPUI’s riverwalk, and more. 


Participants will learn: 


  • Opportunities for increased connectivity – participants will learn and see first hand about the opportunities for Indianapolis to increase connectivity of trails locally and regionally.  

  •  Effective engagement strategies – participants will learn how to talk to neighbors and public officials about trails. HEC staff will offer experience on how to talk to the un-biked about the value of bike/ped facilities to the entire community – even those who will not use them. 

  • Environmental education – participants will learn how trails and greenways can be valuable conservation tools and how conservation projects and trails can combine to serve both active transportation and health and wellness goals. 


Tim Maloney

Hoosier Environmental Council

Bob Weaver

Hoosier Environmental Council

Indra Frank

Hoosier Environmental Council

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