The Malden River - Connections and Collaborations

APA Connecticut Chapter


Friday, October 19, 2018
3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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Sometimes it feels as though there are invisible walls that require us to stop planning at the municipal borders. But some needs require us to look beyond our borders – housing, economic development, and climate change, among others. It can be hard enough to get people to plan for the communities in which they live – how do we get them to think beyond the town line?

By their very nature, regional plans cross those boundaries. How can we ensure that regional planning still considers, reacts to, and incorporates the individual needs of each community? How do we achieve equal investment from each community into the full process?

Our panelists worked on two simultaneous plans, one for a commercial corridor within a single community, the other for a river-based greenway that connected three communities. Join us to discover how we coordinated our planning efforts and learn what worked well and what we could do better.

We will ask you to share your experiences with regional and local planning, understanding that there can be conflict between the two types of processes. Together we will investigate tools for joint planning efforts and see what will work, and what may not.


Emily Innes

Invited Speaker

Emily Keys Innes, AICP, LEED AP ND Emily works with municipalities to address complex problems affected by local desires, physical conditions, urban design, market realities, and regulatory requirements. Her background in urban planning, financial analysis, and municipal affairs helps her translate community visions to action plans that allow communities to ... Read More

Drew Kane

Invited Speaker

Drew Kane, AICP Drew’s focus is the regeneration of urban environments including district master planning, mixed-use communities, and Transit-Oriented Development. Drew’s interests range from the everyday use of urban spaces to the fundamental role of infrastructure in the city’s form. Drew led the Malden River Greenway planning ... Read More

Amanda Maher

Invited Speaker

Amanda Maher Amanda works with cities and towns across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, providing planning and economic development technical assistance to help communities overcome barriers to future growth and development. Projects include reuse studies for vacant municipal properties, market analyses, and visioning exercises for distressed commercial corridors. Prior to joining ... Read More

Amber Christoffersen

Invited Speaker

Amber Christoffersen Amber is a designer and planner who has worked on active transportation, open space, and affordable housing projects in the Boston area and around the country. She is leading the participatory planning process for dozens of path and park projects across the watershed. She holds a Master’s ... Read More

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