The Crossroads of Planning and Violence Prevention: Exploring the Intersection of Zoning and Community Violence

APA California Chapter


Sunday, October 7, 2018
2:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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Land use and violence prevention is an important policy area. Zoning laws/ordinances, land use policies/practices and enforcement patterns (ZOLUPPE) are the most universal legal tools for shaping communities. Land use decisions shape the look, feel, and perceived safety of a place. The Making Connections Network - a group addressing the impact of injury, violence and trauma on people/communities in Los Angeles, California - working in conjunction with the Healthy, Equitable, Active Living Network (HEALU Network) ? a coalition that defined strategies to advance land use policies that impact health, safety, and equity - began an exploration of connections between planning/planners, ZOLUPPE and community violence to increase understanding on how  planning/planners and ZOLUPPE can be used to reduce violence in communities of color through innovative solutions-based planning.  Applying lessons learned from our process, the speakers will illuminate connections between ZOLUPPE and community violence and facilitate discussion about the role that planners/planning departments can play in preventing injury, violence and trauma. This session provides an opportunity for planners to explore the crossroads of planning and community violence prevention to discuss policies/strategies and supports necessary to help planners integrate sustainable solutions for community safety into their workplans.


Randal Henry

Dr. Randal Henry is the Founder/Chief Intelligence Officer of Community Intelligence. CI is committed to increasing the capacity of communities, non-profits, government agencies to identify/ameliorate conditions that impact public health, mental health and well-being. Dr. Henry holds a DrPH and MPH from UCLA and a BA from CSU ... Read More

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