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Friday, September 21, 2018
2:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. EDT

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What do city/village managers need to know about planning?

While public safety, tight budgets, garbage collection, and

labor issues command the attention of city managers, your

community planner or planning consultant is an oft-overlooked

resource that can provide big benefits. Planning touches

almost every aspect of municipal service from budgeting (CIP),

meaningful contact with tax payers (community engagement),

and access (roads, bike lanes, transit, and pedestrian amenities)

to housing (what is the best mix to meet the shelter needs

of every resident?), business and talent retention (quality of

life amenities like culture, entertainment, and recreation), and

demographic and data analysis to help you really know your

community. Combined with master planning, development

review, and customer service, planners can be a city/village

managers best friend.


Keith Baker, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Michigan State University BSUP 1993 City Planner, City of Coldwater, MI 1993-1999 Senior Planner,McKenna Associates 1999-2001 Village Manager, Village of Union City, MI 2001-2007 Director of Planning and Community Development 2007-2011 Assistant City Manager/Planner, City of Coldwater, MI 2011-2017 City Manager, City of Coldwater, MI 2017-Present Read More

Juan Ganum

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Brad Kaye

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City Manager, Midland

Laura Lam

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Assistant City Manager, Kalamazoo

Dan Swallow

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AICP, MPA, City Manager, Tecumseh

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