Kingdom Trails - Building a Healthy Community, Sustaining a Healthy Economy

APA Connecticut Chapter


Thursday, October 25, 2018
1 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. EDT

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A 100 mile network of non-motorized recreational trails on over 90 privately owned land parcels, Kingdom Trail Association has become famous as a world class destination for mountain biking. Though the beauty of the rolling hills and pastoral setting is the perfect backdrop, it is undoubtedly the collaboration of the entire community that has built this model for destination recreation. Learn how Kingdom Trails came to be, the social and economic impact of the network, and where plans will take it in the future as a model for sustainable and healthy communities.






Participants will:


·         Learning Objective #1 - The Trail System


o   The heritage, character and function of the Kingdom Trail system are well maintained and protected, while we look to identify needs and opportunities for future trail expansion, plus honoring relationships with private landowners.


·         Learning Object #2 - Solid Organization


o   Effective people and systems throughout the organization provide direction, resources, and follow-through to implement KTA’s mission and maintain its reputation as a standard bearer in the industry.


·         Learning Objective #3 - Connect with People


o   Kingdom Trails are welcoming and accessible to a diverse population, promotes a healthy lifestyle and meets the recreational needs of its users during each season of the year.


·         Learning Objective #4 - Community Impact


o   The KTA system contributes to a vibrant, healthy culture and strong regional economy.



Abigail Long

Abby Long is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Kingdom Trail Association. Through this leadership position Abby recognizes Kingdom Trails’ role in providing safe and inspiring recreational opportunities for all, highlighting the scenic values surrounding Burke, VT, and possessing a commitment to the progress and development of a their ... Read More

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