EEP ECO18.7 West Pecos, a New Town, Opportunity for Renewability in the Heart of the Oil Patch

APA Texas Chapter


Thursday, October 25, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. MDT

CM | 1.50

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EEP ECO18.7       West Pecos, a New Town, Opportunity for Renewability in the Heart of the Oil Patch



Course Description:

This presentation will showcase the West Pecos New Town initiative which demonstrates the opportunity to harness sustainably the economy of explosive growth from oil extraction into a comprehensively planned community of neighborhoods.  The neighborhood-driven master plan developed for West Pecos includes an integrated a range of housing and incorporated or linked essential services and accessible public space. The West Pecos initiative also entails collaboration with the energy industry to implement renewable energy strategies in the heart of the Oil Patch.


Course Learning Objectives


1.     Understand the blurring line between Economic and Community Development to create good quality of life for all

2.     How to achieve Sustainable Development by coordinating real estate development, architecture, urban planning and public-private partnerships

3.     How to use a low-regulation approach to urban planning to promote sustainability

4.     Understand that economic development has become firmly connected to Place Making and the Environment


Scott Polikov

Presenter:     Scott Polikov: Gateway Planning   President of Gateway Planning, Scott Polikov is a national leader in harnessing the Economics of Place.  Now a town planner, Scott started his professional life with Patton Boggs, practicing law in Washington, D.C.  Returning to Texas, Scott was appointed by the City of Austin ... Read More

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