Hazard Mitigation Planning: Important Tools and Resources that City and County Planners Bring to the Table

APA Missouri Chapter


Thursday, October 25, 2018
3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

CM | 1.50

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Hazard Mitigation Planning, when done right, needs to include professionals from a wide variety of disciplines within a local or county government. City and county planners have significant tools and practices to offer that can strengthen a Hazard Mitigation Plan and for some jurisdictions, a Hazard Mitigation Plan could provide support for stronger planning.

Hazard mitigation planning originates primarily from an emergency management perspective. For some jurisdictions, this has meant that emergency managers have provided the majority (if not all) of the content, including the goals, objectives and activities that are selected to address the hazards included in the plan. From this session participants will be able to:
- Detail reasons why city and county planners (and others) need to play a greater role in the hazard mitigation planning process for their jurisdiction/region.
- Describe the purpose for hazard mitigation planning in general and how this type of planning has been approached in the Kansas City metro region in the past. 

- Discuss how best practices in the planning field can be incorporated into hazard mitigation planning to create a stronger plan and how a Hazard Mitigation Plan could be used to strengthen/support planning practices in communities. -
Discuss goals for upcoming hazard mitigation plans about increasing community resiliency through mitigation strategies, decreasing social vulnerabilities related to hazards, and acknowledging the connectedness of the region.


Tom Jacobs


Michael O'Neal

Deputy Sheriff/Assistant EM Coordinator, Platte County Sheriff's Emergency Management Michael O'Neal is an Assistant emergency manager coordinator with more than 16 years of experience in preparing for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating against disasters. Michael has worked 9 declared disasters and incidents including tornadoes, floods and ... Read More

Cary Gerst

Cary Gerst is an emergency manager with more than 25 years of experience in preparing for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating against disasters. Cary has worked numerous disasters and incidents including tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and the BP Oil Spill. She has provided emergency planning and preparedness services to ... Read More

Donna E. Field Martin

Donna E Field Martin has worked as a planner for nearly twenty-two years. She has experience with long range Comprehensive Planning, health and human services planning, and emergency services planning. She helped to facilitate the planning process for the 2015 Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan for Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and ... Read More

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