Technology and New Developments that Increase Transporation Options and Sustainability

APA Connecticut Chapter


Monday, November 19, 2018
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST

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Our transportation systems are rapidly changing, from autonomous vehicles to dockless bikes/scooters, to mobility as a service. Learn more about new tech projects in the NE region and beyond. 


Holly Parker

Holly has spent most of her 21-year career directing sustainable transportation programs on university campuses. Her work has facilitated quantifiable shifts from drive-alone commuting to using transit, carpooling, walking, bicycling and teleworking. Her focus has been on the ability of technology to facilitate and demystify transit and other sustainable transportation ... Read More

Carol Schweiger

Carol Schweiger, President of Schweiger Consulting and Chairperson of the New England Intelligent Transportation Society, has 39 years of experience, and is nationally and internationally recognized in transportation technology consulting. Her wide-ranging and in-depth expertise is in several specialty areas including technology strategies for public agencies, public transit technology, traveler ... Read More

Scott Mullen

Mully has spent his career pushing to enable 'car-lite' lifestyles from a variety of angles: as a journalist covering bicycle advocacy and legislation; building and scaling operations at Zipcar to prove that Americans would share cars; as GM of Hubway (now BlueBikes) from launch through 1million trips; and now into ... Read More

Amy Parmenter

Amy Parmenter, Manager, Public and Govt Affairs, AAA Greater Hartford Amy has been with AAA for more than three years, working passionately with traffic safety partners across the Region to address both the challenges and opportunities presented during this transformative time in transportation. Prior to AAA, Amy was an award-winning ... Read More

Angela Johnson-Rodriguez

Angela Johnson-Rodriguez is the Transportation Justice Organizer at Transportation for Massachusetts, working with our members and community based organizations to promote equitable access to transportation, and to help ensure fairness and opportunity as technology transforms mobility. She is also deeply involved in bike & pedestrian advocacy through her position as the ... Read More

Jamie Reutershan

Jamie Reutershan is a Strategy Development Manager at Waze working on the Carpool team. He works to bring research and data into Carpool's business strategy and marketing. Prior to joining Google in 2012, Jamie conducted Political Risk Analysis for U.S. Government defense and intelligence agencies- focusing on open ... Read More

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