Don't Be an S.O.V. (Single Occupancy Vehicle)

APA Connecticut Chapter


Monday, November 19, 2018
1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST

CM | 1.50

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Experts present and discuss what other cities and regions are doing relative to sustainable, multimodal transportation and reduced S.O.V. trips. 


Jenna Fortunati

Jenna Fortunati is Mobility Lab’s Research Marketing Manager. She was previously our Spring 2018 intern and spent a lot of time writing and editing articles, such as this one on our post-TransportationCamp survey of attendees. She also researched real-time transit information. She just graduated from American University’s three-year ... Read More

Chris McCahill

Chris McCahill is Deputy Director of the State Smart Transportation Initiative, a network of reform-oriented state departments of transportation operated by the University of Wisconsin and Smart Growth America. He earned his PhD in transportation engineering from UConn, where he studied parking policy and urban travel behavior, and he worked ... Read More

Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan, originally from New York City, is now a Senior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, studying environmental studies and history. Over the past year and a half, Noah has been working on a project to enhance public transit in Middletown, through the initiative, Connect Middletown, which has aimed ... Read More

Ed Perzanowski

Ed Perzanowski is the Director of Business Engagement and Program Services at CTrides. CTrides is a service of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. CTrides helps commuters find the best way to get to work or school and offers information & resources for travel options throughout Connecticut. CTrides offers carpools, vanpools, bus ... Read More

Holly Parker

Holly has spent most of her 21-year career directing sustainable transportation programs on university campuses. Her work has facilitated quantifiable shifts from drive-alone commuting to using transit, carpooling, walking, bicycling and teleworking. Her focus has been on the ability of technology to facilitate and demystify transit and other sustainable transportation ... Read More

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