2018 National Planning Conference

The Cannabis Industry: Experiences, Lessons Learned

Saturday, April 13, 2019, 2:45 p.m. - Saturday, April 13, 2019, 5:15 p.m. PDT

CM | 2.50

Activity Type: Deep Dive Sessions

Activity ID: NPC199006

Location: 3014

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  • Identify key public interests in reviewing cannabis proposals relating to land use objectives. Become familiar with a range of land-use issues and impacts associated with cannabis.
  • Understand the kinds of information local officials need relating to cannabis proposals, outlining general regulatory, economic, and land-use concerns and impacts, with suggested mitigating conditions to protect the public interest.
  • Explore appropriate long-range planning issues, objectives and goals, to develop local legislation accommodating the cannabis industry in a fair and reasonable manner, while protecting public interest concerns.


This session provides practicing planners a working familiarity with the cannabis industry, its proven economic contributions to the state and local economies, and potential for growth. The session gives planners insight into specific issues and problems the industry is facing with local government regulation and state regulation, and it provides information and tools planners need to address public interest concerns in both a current and long-range planning context.
Topics include development and operation of cannabis businesses, land-use impacts, reasonable mitigating conditions to address impacts, economic concerns, regulation issues, political issues, and a range of other public interest concerns. The panel reviews operational characteristics of large and small, indoor and outdoor cannabis farms, processing activities and retail activity. Based upon personal, governmental, industrial organizational, and academic study, the panel examines the cannabis industry and government response, with related conflicts, resolutions, lessons learned, and topics to be faced going forward. Using regulation of similar uses as a model, and experience in Washington State with cannabis activities, the panel provides specific recommendations for governments' role in regulation of cannabis activities and application of conditions at the state and local level.

Session Speakers

Danielle Rosellison
Trail Blazin' Productions
Bellingham, WA

Crystal R. Oliver
President & Co-Founder of Washington's Finest Cannabis Executive Director of Wa
Deer Park, WA

David R. Burns, AICP
Starcrisp Farms LLC, previously a marijuana producer and processor.
Lacey, WA

Pinky Vargas
City of Bellingham