2018 National Planning Conference

Fast, Funny, and Passionate 3

Monday, April 15, 2019 from 10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. PDT

CM | 1.25

Activity Type: Fast, Funny, and Passionate

Activity ID: NPC198902

Location: 2014

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  • Learn the latest insights into a variety of important planning issues.
  • See examples of how to present in a concise and entertaining manner.
  • Explore the range and diversity of subject matter that can be considered important to planners.


Presentations in this session include:

• Snap(chat), Crackle, Pop! - Allison Crump
• Public Engagement Therapy: Lessons from Fiascos - Dave Biggs
• Municipal Tree Inventory BMPs (and standards?) - Ryan Vogel
• E.coli: The Water Quality/Land Use Nexus - Katherine Amidon
• Thank you,SB946! Curating Culture with #radindiscity - Radha Hayagreev
• Greenwashing a Brownscape: Desert Renewable Energy - Grant Wilson
• A Greener Future: Millennial Planning - Natasha Miles
• Lyfts, EScooters & Buses (Oh My!) — Laura Schewel

These Fast, Funny, and Passionate presentations will be moderated by Paul Inghram.

Session Speakers

Laura Schewel
StreetLight Data
San Francisco, CA

Natasha D. Miles
Auburn University
Auburn, AL

Grant Wilson, AICP
Palm Springs, CA

Radha Hayagreev
City of East Palo Alto
East Palo Alto, CA

Katherine Amidon, AICP Candidate
SynTerra Corporation
Greenville, SC

Ryan Vogel
The Ohio State University
Upper Arlington, OH

Dave Biggs
Vancouver, BC

Allison Crump, AICP
City of Boulder
Boulder, CO

Paul Inghram, AICP
Puget Sound Regional Council
Seattle, WA