Public Health and the Green Environment: Translating Research into Action

APA Wisconsin Chapter


Thursday, May 30, 2019
1 p.m. - 2 p.m. CDT

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Every week seems to bring more evidence that urban forests (and urban greening) support thriving communities. The public health benefits alone are reason enough to invest more resources in urban forestry. But translating this research into actions is not always easy. This talk explores the possibilities by addressing the following questions: How can foresters, landscape architects and other professionals work together to insure equitable access to nearby nature? How can we work together to address health disparities related to urban forests? How can we bring about a green environment revolution in our cities? Linking answers to these questions to site-specific actions is crucial for improving human health and wellbeing. And it improves urban forests as well.


Samuel Dennis

Dr. Samuel Dennis, Jr. - Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin Madison, Environmental Design Laboratory Dr. Dennis is an associate professor and director of the Environmental Design Laboratory. As a geographer and landscape architect, his research focuses on understanding and creating environments that support human health and well-being ... Read More

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