Case Study: Menomonee Valley Urban Ecology Center--Brownfield Restoration

APA Wisconsin Chapter


Thursday, July 25, 2019
1 p.m. - 2 p.m. CDT

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The Menomonee Valley campaign launched as a series of interconnected projects that respond to these interconnected needs. It was a comprehensive approach to environmental, community and economic development that benefits tens of thousands of residents throughout the region. More than 415,000 people (100,000 of whom are under age 18) live within three miles of this area. The effort was led through a unique partnership of Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc., an organization with expertise in economic development and large scale urban revitalization and the Urban Ecology Center, Inc. with a nationally recognized model in community engagement through environmental education and park restoration.

Case Study tour will highlight the conversion of a rail yard into a 24-acre park including economically and spatially significant bike & pedestrian bridges, new miles of bike trail, renovation of a vacant tavern to become an Urban Ecology Center, year-round environmental education and outdoor recreation programs, construction of in-stream and riverbank improvements and shared storm water management.


Ken Leinbach

Executive Director, Urban Ecology Center Ken Leinbach is a nationally recognized science educator and leader in community-based environmental education. He has had fun facilitating the grassroots effort to create and grow the Urban Ecology Center. Ken is a certified high school teacher and has over 30 years of experience teaching ... Read More

Chris Young

Historian of biology and Professor, Alverno College, Urban Ecology Center Committee Member & Volunteer Chris Young is a professor of Biology at Alverno College, where he has taught since 2002. He teaches courses on global warming, evolution, natural history, and science education, in addition to introductory biology. Prior to coming to ... Read More

Glenna Holstein

Glenna Holstein is the Branch Manager of the Urban Ecology Center’s Menomonee Valley branch in Milwaukee, WI. In her role as branch manager, Glenna oversaw start-up activities for the Menomonee Valley branch (which opened in 2012), including hiring program staff, recruiting schools, outfitting the newly constructed building, and building ... Read More

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