C1: Sidewalks, Prioritization and Funding

APA North Carolina Chapter


Wednesday, April 24, 2019
3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. EDT

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Learn about the Town of Cary's sidewalk program:  ranking projects, building consensus for sidewalks on local residential streets led by residents, maximizing our annual budget, and ideas on how we can improve.  

"Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO) recently completed the Town of Hope Mills Multimodal Congestion Management Plan, which developed a series of treatments to address pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and intersection deficiencies within the town limits. Congestion Management Plans are critically important tools for FAMPO to identify areas of traffic congestion and multimodal mobility needs for corridors or small areas, with an outcome of identifying projects for inclusion in the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Strategic Transportation Prioritization (SPOT) prioritization process.

The study included a series of three community meetings where goals and objectives were identified, project alternatives were evaluated, and final recommendations were presented. Due to the size of the study area and diversity of the town’s needs, the study evaluated alternatives for multiple corridors and intersections. A series of sidewalk, protected bicycle lane, and shared use path treatments were evaluated for each major corridor with in the study area. Alternatives including both traditional widening and innovative treatments such as a roundabout and a Median U-Turn were developed for the three worst-performing intersections (in terms of safety and operations) within the study area. Major project alternatives, including a future bypass of the historic area, a plan to enhance connectivity within the central areas of the town through a grid system, and widening all major corridors to at least four lanes, were developed from public comments and evaluated against the project performance measures. 

The plan resulted in a series of recommendations, including cross sections for the town’s major corridors, a transit network, major intersection improvements, crossing treatments at high-priority areas, and sidewalk/bicycle facility additions. The study included the development of a Project Prioritization and Implementation Plan, with the goal of intentionally targeting projects that would score high on the NCDOT SPOT methodology and become funded and implemented. Drawing on the project team’s experience in helping develop the SPOT methodology with NCDOT, the plan also included a series of strategies to assist FAMPO in maximizing the score of their project funding requests.  "

This will be a joint presentation between NCDOT’s STIP Unit and the Capital Area MPO.  The purpose of the presentation is twofold: First, we will share important definitions and nuances of delivering the Federal Highway program, including rescissions, lapsing funds, and project delivery.  This will be shared by NCDOT and will also delve into information on the upcoming Federal rescission legislated for the end of Federal Fiscal Year 2019.  The second part of the presentation will focus on the MPO side of managing the Federal Highway Program.  This will include project programming, tracking, and preparing for rescissions.  The Capital Area MPO has created tools in order to not only track projects, but communicate the status of projects in a clear, efficient manner.  These tools have been incredibly helpful in communicating with elected officials and local government staff about issues, such as the upcoming federal rescission and the importance of timely project delivery.  CAMPO will share these tools and communication strategies in an effort to help other MPOs manage their funding and prepare for rescissions.



Luana Deans

Luana Deans joined the Town of Cary in 2017 as a Transportation Planning Engineer and helps oversee the Town's transportation plan.  She has over 14 years of transportation planning and traffic engineering experience in both the private and public sectors.  When her kids were little she took a hiatus ... Read More

Juliet Andes

Juliet Andes is the Facilities Planning Manager for the Town of Cary where she oversees transportation and facilities planning programs for the Town. Juliet’s group manages the Town’s Comprehensive Transportation plan, which includes nationally recognized bronze-level bicycle friendly community and silver-level walk-friendly community programs. She currently serves as ... Read More

Zachary Bugg

Zachary Bugg is a senior engineer at Kittelson & Associates in Wilmington, NC. His six years of experience include a broad mix of transportation planning, engineering, and research, including multimodal corridor studies, long-range transit planning, roundabout feasibility studies and reviews, microsimulation analysis, transportation impact studies, and bicycle/pedestrian and alternative intersection ... Read More

Joel Strickland

Joel Strickland has been the Executive Director of the Fayetteville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization for three years and was previously the Rural Planning Organization Director for the Mid-Carolina Council of Governments. He holds a Master of Public Administration from UNC-Pembroke and a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and ... Read More

Leigh Wing

Leigh Wing is the of Manager for the Eastern Region Group of the STIP Unit at NCDOT. Ms. Wing most recently held the position of Senior Program Engineer in the Eastern STIP unit and has held positions in the Chief Engineer’s Office, Value Management, Bridge Maintenance, and in the ... Read More

Gretchen Vetter

Gretchen Vetter is the Locally Administered Projects Program Manager for the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and has been with CAMPO since April of 2017. She is Lead Project Manager overseeing the day-to-day operations of federally funded projects including project planning, selection, programming, development, contract award, completion and acceptance. Prior ... Read More

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