“Stuck in the Middle with You – Addressing RTD’s First and Last Mile Problem”

APA Colorado Chapter


Friday, April 19, 2019
10:40 a.m. - 11:40 a.m. MDT

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A person’s decision to use transit (or not) use transit so often depends on that mile or so surrounding a station or stop. Is it easy to get to? Are there barriers? Is there directional signage? Are there bike / ped facilities in reasonably good repair? Does that cool, new solar‐powered autonomous shuttle serve the station?

This session will introduce RTD’s recently completed First & Last Mile (FLM) Strategic Plan. We’ll explore how and why the Plan came to be and what it entails. With a focus on the recommended strategies for different station types in the region, we’ll explore how the plan can be used in your own community and equip you to conduct your own FLM analysis.

And what FLM discussion is really complete without a game show? Yes, a fast‐paced, highly interactive game show will be held in the second half of the session when contestants will explore the ins and outs, dos and don’ts of FLM policy, projects, and programs. Winners will take home transit‐friendly prizes and all session attendees will walk away with a good laugh and heightened perspective. Bring your A game and sense of humor.

Learning Objectives:

1) A Plan overview including: o Why it was completed; o What its main goals are; o How the study was completed (methodology/planning framework); and o What it entails (brief summary of content)

2) A summary of key Plan strategies to address these constraints for different station types (i.e. urban / suburban), within the buckets of Active Transportation, Shared Mobility, and Transportation Demand Management.

3) A toolkit for conducting your very own FLM analysis to guide future policy, program, and funding decisions.


Paul Desrocher, AICP

Paul DesRocher is Manager of Planning Coordination in the Transit Oriented Communities group at RTD in Denver, Colorado. He specializes in multi-modal and on-demand transportation projects. His current focus areas and projects include RTD’s First and Last Mile Strategic Plan and coordination of shared-mobility providers throughout the District. He ... Read More

Jonny Rotheram


Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown is a planner at Alta Planning and Design and worked extensively on RTD's First and Last Mile Strategic Plan (including biking all over the metro area in 90+ degrees). At Alta, she has contributed to other active transportation projects throughout Colorado and the country. Since moving to ... Read More

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