A New Angle on the Diagonal Highway ‐ SH119 Bus Rapid Transit Project

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Friday, April 19, 2019
1:55 p.m. - 2:55 p.m. MDT

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The SH119 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project led by RTD in partnership with local stakeholders in Boulder County and CDOT developed a unique solution to move people through the SH119 corridor whether they ride transit, a bicycle, carpool, walk, or drive a car. RTD, CDOT, local agency staff, and the consultant team will provide their different perspectives on how BRT/managed lanes and a shared use path became an integral part of the SH119 BRT project, how a diverse stakeholder team evaluated alternatives, and how the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Excel tool called Policy Options Evaluation Tool for Managed Lanes (POET‐ML) and traffic analysis helped in evaluate different capital improvements. The overall project also includes improvements to the local transportation networks in City of Boulder and Longmont, transit signal prioritization, and park and rides. Another aspect of the project is that the different project components can be phased in as funding becomes available in order to meet the goal of making transit a more reliable and faster service in the corridor.

Learning Objectives:

‐ how a robust alternatives analysis process for a transit project can look at improving travel for all roadway users;

‐ a City and DOT perspective on how this project connects with their transportation vision, and how they will provide space on their roadway for an increased amount of buses and all users; and

‐ how the POET analysis was this used in this project, and it's applicability for other local, transit corridor, and freeway projects.


Chris Quinn

Confirmed Speaker

Chris Quinn is a project manager for the Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD). Chris has over 20 years of transportation planning experience in both the public and private sectors. He has led the planning and environmental efforts for several Denver‐area rapid transit corridors and is currently leading the SH ... Read More

Gabrielle Renner

Confirmed Speaker

Gabrielle Renner has 12 years of experiences specializing in transportation planning and traffic analysis. She is skilled in transportation modeling, corridor studies, feasibility studies, access reports, grant applications, parking studies, traffic impact studies, traffic evaluations, traffic circulation studies, and pedestrian/bicycle studies. Gabrielle’s microsimulation abilities include applying a wide ... Read More

Philip Greenwald, AICP CTP

Confirmed Speaker

Phil Greenwald is the Transportation Planning Manager with the City of Longmont, Colorado. He has worked for the City for almost 20 years and has 27 years of transportation planning experience. Phil continues to work to safely increase use of alternative modes, managing transportation-related planning efforts, and acting as the ... Read More

Patrick Picard, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Patrick is a senior transportation planner at Fehr & Peers’ with eight years’ experience developing and managing multimodal transportation planning efforts throughout the western United States. Patrick balances a strong ability to complete technical analysis with public speaking, writing and presentation skills, which makes his recommendations comprehensible to planners, engineers, the ... Read More

Dan Marcucci

Confirmed Speaker

As Resident Engineer for the CDOT Boulder Residency over the past nine years, Dan Marcucci has a wealth of experience balancing the multi‐modal needs of the Local Agencies with the mobility, maintenance and safety needs of the State Agency. Dan leads the CDOT team on the SH119 BRT study ... Read More

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