Dillon's Rule, Home Rule and Everything in Between: Who Controls what between state and local governments?

APA Indiana Chapter


Friday, May 10, 2019
10:30 a.m. - noon EDT

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Each state has a unique way of determining how a state's police powers get divided between the state and local jurisdictions.  This presentation gives some insight into this dynamic with historical context and examples from multiple states that illustrate the two extremes and all the gray area in between.  


Armed with that background information, an in-depth look at how Home Rule works in Indiana will make much more sense.  We will explore Indiana's Home Rule statute, a few regulatory provisions and some case law that highlights where uncertainties lie. 


Josh Trenary

Invited Speaker

County zoning ordinances and state level livestock regulations are a constant give and take between who is controlling what. Indiana Pork has invested a significant amount of time and effort over the years analyzing these issues and reviewing similar situations in other states. Read More

Brianna Schroeder

Invited Speaker

Janzen Ag Law represents many clients dealing with local zoning issues that tend to blend into environmental regulations. These dynamics make it necessary to have a clear understanding of when the county or the state controls. Over the years we have established a good understanding of Indiana Home Rule issues ... Read More

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