How to build Public Art in Your Community: From Planning to Construction and Maintenance Considerations

APA Indiana Chapter


Friday, May 10, 2019
8 a.m. - 9 a.m. EDT

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Cities and towns throughout Indiana are increasingly realizing the many benefits that public art has for a community. Not only does public art improve quality of life for citizens, but it can revitalize underutilized public spaces, support economic development objectives, and contribute to a community's sense of place. However, without careful planning and a clear process for the implementation, construction, and maintenance of public art, the potential benefits of the artwork could be squandered. This session will review several case studies of successful planning, construction and installation of public art. We will also discuss best practices for creating your community art plan, releasing calls to artists, and managing the process. Additionally, we will outline key considerations for any community to resolve before an artist is brought on board, such as community input processes, best practices for construction, and maintenance considerations. Finally, we will look at inspiring examples of successful public art, and discuss some lessons learned. Public art in a community needs careful planning just as all other aspects of a city or town. This discussion will provide insights and lots of information into best practices in Indiana and around the country for creating successful and lasting public art in your community.


Tom Fansler

Confirmed Speaker

Thomas Fansler is an artist and construction expert who has a deep understanding of the public art process through decades of successfully executed projects in Indiana and throughout the country. Since 1978, he has trained and collaborated with many artists, designers, fabricators, government officials and staff through the visioning, design ... Read More

Rachel Kavathe, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Rachel Kavathe has been an active member of AICP since 2007. She has worked as a planner in Indiana, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. For the last decade, she has worked for and consulted with cities throughout Indiana on master planning, public art plans, public space design and public art ... Read More

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