TOD to Regenerative City

APA Oregon Chapter


Wednesday, May 8, 2019
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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In Smart City Kashiwa-no-ha, the collection and analysis of real-time occupant data has shaped the local economy to better meet the needs of residents. By gathering data, local businesses and city infrastructure are tailored to community lifestyles, such as additional childcare in neighborhoods with more families. The cyclical economy allows residents to go car-free by reducing the need to leave their neighborhoods to seek out services.

Concepts represented in Kashiwa-no-ha, including the localized economy, are poised to disrupt U.S. institutions and economic models. Localized economies could mitigate the U.S. reliance on e-commerce and bolster a hyper-local sharing economy, while a better understanding of district performance and data integration with automated parking strategies could disrupt U.S. transportation models currently reliant on human-driven cars. 

Kashiwa-no-ha demonstrates what’s possible if North American cities are willing to adapt to emerging technology and work across platforms to translate data into shared benefits.

Learning objectives:

1. Learn how Transit Oriented Development supports advanced Smart City Design concepts.

2. Determine how the interests within the community can be achieved through real-time data use.

3. Consider the value of resiliency and health benefits relating to the use of public space in a shared economy.

4. Consider how investments in transit rich and ecommerce supportive places benefit from technological advances.


Charles Kelley

Confirmed Speaker

Charles Kelley is a senior architect in the Portland office of ZGF Architects with more than 33 years of experience. He brings an interdisciplinary approach to design that incorporates community aspirations and the use of natural and financial resources to reach a balanced solution for institutions and municipalities. Charles’ practice ... Read More

Joshua Foss

Confirmed Speaker

Joshua Foss is an accomplished urban strategist, planner, and thought leader shaping the future of global regenerative city, circular economy, and resiliency movements. He is founder and CEO of Regensia, a public-benefit urban strategy and design firm that helps cities test and apply breakthrough innovations at the systems level. Regensia ... Read More

Mitsu Yamazaki

Confirmed Speaker

Mitsu Yamazaki is an international business strategist who resides as a partner within Ziba. A native of Japan, Mitsu has been living in the United States for the last 23 years, including time in Mexico and brings a unique perspective to his projects in urban design, smart city technologies and ... Read More

Rimas Gulbinas

Confirmed Speaker

Prior to co-founding Maalka, Dr. Gulbinas was a leading researcher in the area of engaging commercial building occupants with data-driven insights to inform positive behavior change. His research has been published in leading international peer review publications, including: IEEE Smart Grid, Applied Energy, and Energy and Buildings. As Chief Executive ... Read More

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