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Wednesday, May 8, 2019
3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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Augmented reality (AR) in the public realm has the ability to offer customized experiences for how individuals see and navigate their environment, yet raises questions in regards to the impact on our overall health and well-being. The artist, Keiichi Matsuda, depicts a future where augmentation is uncontrolled, under-regulated, and completely oversaturated through the video, Hyper-Reality. This concept film, while an exaggeration depending on the regulatory environment, highlights the burdens placed on individuals without their control or inclusion.

This session will focus on the potential for a user to customize their experience of the built environment beyond wayfinding, and highlight the potential burdens, such as advertisements, placed on underrepresented and underserved populations. By highlighting the equity-based burdens, communities can take a proactive approach to ensuring that policy and design regulations result in outcomes that only work to advance opportunities for all.

Learning objectives:

1. Introductory understanding of the types of augmentation under development that could impact the public realm experience, specifically the potential for user customization.

2. Health and wellness impacts from exposure to augmentation in the public realm.

3. Identification of those who could be overburdened with visual stimuli more than others.

4. Identification of what the public realm experience could mean for those who cannot access augmented technologies.


Michael Austin, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

NoneMichael Austin is a senior urban designer and campus planner with Perkins+Will. As a coordinator for the Perkins+Will Equity Change Team, he approaches each project as an opportunity to integrate principles of inclusion, access, and cultural competency into each project. Michael is additionally focused on the physical impact ... Read More

Gerry Tierney

Confirmed Speaker

Gerry Tierney, Associate Principal and Mobility Lab Co-Director at Perkins + Will, is studying the evolution of urban mobility and its impact on the public realm. A founder of Mobility and the City’s REDCAR project, Gerry has collaborated with UC Berkeley’s TSRC on workshops addressing multiple aspects of evolving ... Read More

Ingrid Stromberg

Confirmed Speaker

As knowledge manager, Ingrid works closely with the urban design practice and Perkins+Will’s research leadership to keep the global group on the cutting edge of innovation in design and planning. Ingrid has been integral to internal and external research initiatives involving such topics as the built environment and ... Read More

Luc Deckinga

Confirmed Speaker

As Digital Practice Manager for Computational Design, Luc brings a programmer’s rigor and designer’s creativity to every area of Perkins+Will’s diverse practice, using technology to give artists new brushes to paint with, not numbers to paint by. Trained as an architect, but working in a wide ... Read More

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