What about the workers? Ridehailing, Micromobility, and Our Fair City

APA Oregon Chapter


Thursday, May 9, 2019
9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. PDT

CM | 1.50

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Labor equity is the overlooked consideration in future cities equity discussions. Micromobility and ridehailing can make transportation systems healthier and more equitable by reducing car ownership and storage. However, many of these services use gig workers—contingent workers who access work via app—to manage their fleet. There have been significant labor and health issues associated with gig work in the ridehailing industry. This panel discussion will examine the role of gig work in this new transportation system. Does gig work in micromobility have similar risks? What does it mean for our cities if a growing number of their citizens are gig workers? Can a company--and the micromobility model--survive without using gig work? Can it be implemented in ways that are better for the workers? This panel will feature an expert on the health of gig workers and a representative from a e-scooter company that is pondering these labor issues.

Learning objectives:

1. Define gig work 

2. Define the health and labor equity implications of gig work 

3. Define how gig work in ridehailing and micromobility may have similar and different implementation and resulting health impacts. 

4. Define some best practices in working with gig or on-demand workers


Molly Tran

Dr. Molly Tran is a board-certified occupational medicine physician, Assistant Professor in Environmental and Occupational Health at the Colorado School of Public Health, and directs the occupational medicine residency and fellowship programs at the University of Colorado. She teaches and conducts research on the occupational health of workers in the ... Read More

Brian Kyuhoon No

Brian spearheads Spin's industry-leading efforts to develop dockless mobility regulations in the United States, collaborating with cities of all sizes to craft policies that work in the interest of each community. Many of these policies have become the standard for U.S. cities seeking to regulate dockless mobility, including ... Read More

Owen Christofferson

Owen Christofferson is an advocate for workers in the gig economy and former organizer. After experiencing firsthand the litany of issues ride-hailing drivers face, he started organizing his fellow workers. Along with partners in the labor community, he led drivers in 2017 to oppose a corporate-written ride-hailing bill in the ... Read More

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