On Demand: Zoning to Shape Urban Form

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How do form-based codes fit into your community’s plans? Take a look at the big picture and find out. This presentation covers five sessions from APA’s 2013 National Planning Conference, featuring the authors of The Rules That Shape Urban Form. Together they examine the connection (and the disconnect) between zoning regulations and the form of cities. You’ll learn about modera...

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375 minutes
Date Published
July 1, 2013
American Planning Association

About the Speakers

Dan Parolek
Opticos Design, Inc.

William M. Spikowski
Spikowski Planning Associates

Emily Talen
Arizona State University

Tina Axelrad
City and County of Denver

Richard Tucker
Arlington County Planning Division

Matthew Goebel
Clarion Associates

Luciana Gonzales
City of Miami Planning Dept

Donald L. Elliott
Clarion Associates