Tri-County Regional Market Trends and Land-Use Implications

4ward Planning Inc.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015, midnight
Thursday, October 1, 2015, midnight PDT

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Macro level business trends and continuing demographic shifts are not only altering the way land is developed and utilized, but where it’s developed and utilized. While urban areas continue to see a resurgence in economic investment and inflows of both young and older adults, suburban areas (and, particularly, first ring suburban communities) have languished, as an exodus of commercial investment and residents grows. 4ward Planning will present current and projected demographic and real estate market trends within the Tri-County region. Questions will discuss what implications identified market trends will have on local land-use strategies/policies. The objective will be to stimulate discussion among professionals and citizens so as to generate fresh perspectives on old-age land-use issues (e.g., what are the implications for our local businesses when our policies make it difficult to develop multi-family housing? If we cooperated to help the neighboring county get the new automotive plant, wouldn’t our residents still have a great opportunity at the jobs created? What else can we do to revitalize that dying shopping center, given that we have too much retail in our county, already?).

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