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The last day the AICP Exam Prep 3.0 product was available to purchase was May 31, 2019.

Individuals that purchased the product will continue to have access until the end of their viewing license, which is based on the purchase date. Contact us at with questions.

The AICP Exam Prep 3.0 is a comprehensive study tool, addressing the entire content of the AICP Certification Exam outline. It is 100 percent web-based, so you can access it anywhere you have a web browser and access to the Internet while logged into your APA account.

This product features:

  • A one-year viewing license from the purchase date.
  • AICP has posted an updated content outline that provides detail about the exam competencies and introduces five new topic areas. A new document ― a "crosswalk" from the previous exam outline to the new one ― highlights the new topic areas and identifies some that have been removed. The crosswalk will help you locate new outline information in Exam Prep 3.0, which will stay the same in content, design, and layout as the 2007 outline.
  • Over 50 lessons/sections on topics that cover the entire exam content.
  • Content from selected PAS QuickNotes, the Journal of the American Planning Association, and Zoning Practice, so you don't have to purchase those publications.
  • 12 hours of streaming video and PowerPoints on 51 topics in 8-15 minute lessons that are easy to review and understand.
  • 4.5 hours of streaming video of ethics sessions at APA's 2013 National Planning Conference.
  • Sample questions from: retired questions from the actual AICP exam, Exam Prep Package 2.0, AICP staff, and AICP Exam Prep 3.0 work group. All questions for all sources were reviewed and if needed, improved, by former AICP Exam Committee members. Questions are provided in three different forms:
    • Assessment exam to determine areas of weakness and strength to inform study plan
    • Pop-up questions at the end of each video lesson to reinforce learning
    • Timed practice exam with 170 questions delivered in the actual format to simulate your exam-day experience
  • Searchable glossary with thousands of definitions from A Planners Dictionary and the AICP Exam Prep 3.0 Glossary Workgroup.
  • Tips on how to approach scenario and multi-part questions.

The faculty for and contributors to AICP Exam Prep Product 3.0 included planners from around the U.S. in the public, private, and academic sectors. Among them were:

  • Experienced Professional Development Officers who offer AICP exam prep on the chapter level.
  • Faculty from Georgia Tech, the University of North Carolina, and Louisiana State University.
  • Attorneys who specialize in land use and zoning law.
  • AICP members with Advanced Specialty Certification in transportation planning and environmental planning.
  • Fellows of AICP.

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  • Browsers: Allow pop-ups from PLANNING Online Learning System
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