Taking Flight with Drones: Uses in Planning and Legal Issues

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CM | 1.50
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You'll learn about:

  • Understand what drone technology is available for planners.
  • Gain an appreciation of the federal, state, and local laws affecting the use of drones.
  • Know how to resolve legal and ethical conflicts in the use of drones for planning and enforcement. 

This is a session on the legal issues of the use of drones in planning.  It starts with the technology of drones with a speaker from the industry. Following that, the use of drones in planning is addressed.

Then, the federal, state, and local legal issues are developed, including preemption, with an emphasis of the need to resolve unnecessary conflicts between full use of drones in planning and the need to protect the public safety and civil rights.

Listen to a discussion among the panelists on how we can make better use of drones for the benefit of all, including what regulations of drone use.