Friday Transportation Seminar: Can Ridehailing Deliver Equity? Lessons for New Mobility Planning

Portland State University, Transportation Research and Education Center


Friday, May 31, 2019
midnight - midnight CDT

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Modes including ridehailing, bikeshare, and e-scooters offer the potential to revolutionize how people travel. But as cities and agencies work to integrate these new services into the existing transportation landscape, the equity implications of these modes remain murky.

This talk presents research on ridehail travel and equity from Los Angeles and compares the equity outcomes of ridehailing to the previous status quo embodied by taxis. The research highlights both the promise of new mobility services and the remaining obstacles to delivering equitable access. Findings yields implications for policies that cities and planners can advance to ensure that new travel modes boost mobility for all, not just some, travelers.


  • Ridehail services extend car access to neighborhoods previously excluded by taxi services.
  • Ridehailing nearly eliminates the stark racial discrimination that occurs on taxis.
  • Banking and smartphone access remain critical barriers to shared mobility access.
  • Equity-first goals, clear metrics, and data are needed to deliver equitable access to new mobility.  

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