Friday Transportation Seminar (PBOT Edition): Enhanced Transit Corridors in Portland's Central City

Portland State University, Transportation Research and Education Center


Friday, July 26, 2019
midnight - midnight CDT

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Over the past two years, the Portland Bureau of Transportation and TriMet have joined forces to identify, design and build capital and operational treatments to help buses move more quickly and reliably through Portland’s increasingly congested Central City. Already the densest concentration of people and jobs in Oregon, Portland’s Central City is growing fast and increasing the speed and reliability of transit is key to achieving our City and region’s transportation, climate and livability goals. Working in partnership on PBOT’s Central City in Motion plan and TriMet and Metro’s Enhanced Transit Corridor program, the two agencies have identified a series of bus lanes in the Central City that will make transit faster and more reliable throughout the region. Project staff will discuss how projects were identified and trade-offs weighed, share the most recent designs, and discuss the benefits to transit riders and the region, with a focus on approaches to the Hawthorne, Steel and Burnside bridges.


  • Understand how enhanced transit treatments such as bus lanes and queue jumps can improve the speed and reliability of transit
  • Learn how collaborative system-level planning can help ensure improved transit and biking facilities are not in conflict
  • Analysis of current transit delay of specific Central City corridors and the benefits of proposed improvements.

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