Arkansas Chapter - APA 2016 Spring Conference - Transforming Places

APA Arkansas Chapter


Thursday, March 10, 2016, 9 a.m.
Friday, March 11, 2016, 10:30 a.m. CST

Conway, AR, United States


The Arkansas Chapter of APA 2016 Spring Conference will focus on Transforming Places, featuring sessions on Tactical Urbanism, the Reed v. Gilbert/2013 Arkansas Takings Law, Destination Placemaking, sharing professional insights, Arkansas Farm to School, and see and learn insights from Downtown Conway's transformation.

Reed Case & Implications of the Arkansas Takings Law

This session will examine the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Reed v. Gilbert case and the new “Takings” Act enacted by the 2015 Arkansas General Assembly. Lanny Richmond will discuss the Reed case by examining the details of the decision, touching on what the decision means for Arkansas cities and how it affects most municipal signage codes. Mike Mosley will discuss the Takings law and issues of inverse condemnation, delving into what the law means for planners and providing best practices for cities in mitigating its impact.


Creating a Destination Community: Hot Springs Village Placemaking

David Twiggs will discuss creating destination communities. Sharing insights from his recent book “Destination Community: The Evolution of Travel, Tourism, Leisure, and Community” he examine how sustainable tourism and in-migration can be used as economic development tools. He’ll share his personal experience in applying these concepts to create an Integrated Tourism System in places like Hot Springs Village.


Arkansas Planning Directors Roundtable

Planning Directors from the Arkansas cities of Bentonville, Conway, Fayetteville, and Hot Springs will participate in a roundtable discussion. These four cities have experienced significant and unique transformations over the past five to twenty plus years. The Planning Directors will speak for approximately five minutes about their community and the significant transformations that have occurred. A moderator will then ask a series of questions. During the roundtable, attendees will have the option to submit additional questions to a side panel to filter and pass to the moderator. Questions/topics include:


·         What (project, series of events, community plan, private investment, etc.) has made the biggest impact on your community and how did the Planning Department play a role?

·         What is the biggest challenge due to your community's growth and how is your respective Planning Department helping to overcome it?

·         Experience and/or advice to address the “tiny house” movement in zoning and building codes.

·         Experience and/or advice when working with appointed and elected officials to achieve a common goal and/or vision.   



Arkansas Farm to School Program

This session includes background information and an update of the Arkansas Farm to School Program, including program updates from across the state and the resources that are available to communities. Connections will be made tying Arkansas Farm to School Program specifics to community development. Transforming a place or community isn’t only accomplished by new infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, new businesses, etc., but also amenities such as community gardens, which allows for a local, healthy food source and brings the community together. The mission of the Arkansas Farm to School Program will be tied to how it will positively change future generations, which, in turn may create a higher desire of different development patterns, including  walkability, more local farms, community gardens, etc.


Walking Tour of Downtown Conway, Arkansas

The walking tour of downtown Conway, Arkansas will showcase specific projects that have aided in the revitalization of downtown Conway. Kim Williams, Executive Director of the Conway Downtown Partnership (CDP) will lead the tour. The CDP focuses on the promotion, planning, and maintenance of an improved downtown Conway. In 2001, the CDP spearheaded a comprehensive, long-term development plan for downtown. Since its inception, the CDP, in collaboration with the City of Conway, Conway Area Chamber of Commerce, Conway Development Corporation, and Conway Corporation has been responsible for fostering millions of dollars in investments in the downtown commercial core. Kim will discuss public-private investment including streetscape projects and infrastructure improvements. As a result of the public investment, eleven major renovation projects have taken place in downtown Conway since 2006. Kim will communicate the strategies, partnerships, and tools planners and stakeholders can use to help revitalize their community’s downtown. 


Tactical Urbanism : Short-Term Action for Long-Term Change

On March 11th Tony Garcia, co-author of Tactical Urbanism: Short-Term Action for Long-Term Change, will give the Keynote lecture to the Arkansas APA annual conference. Tony will delve into the world of tactical urbanism, a movement that advocates improving socio-cultural aspects of urban areas through actions that are quick and low-cost. He will explain how this approach offers a way to gain more support for cities to invest in permanent projects, and to allow communities to shape urban spaces in new and innovative ways.







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