2018 Indiana MPO Conference

APA Indiana Chapter


Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 8 a.m.
Thursday, September 27, 2018, noon CDT

Evansville, IN, United States


The Indiana Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Conference is an annual event showcasing progressive planning initiatives from the fourteen MPO's in the state. This year's event takes place in downtown Evansville, Indiana and is titled Planning Without Boundaries. The conference will not only showcase planning in southwestern Indiana, it will also highlight the planning efforts taking place across the Ohio River in Henderson, Kentucky and the coordination occurring across state lines. The conference includes multiple presentations, four mobile workshops, and tracts of specific planning related topics. 


The general and breakout sessions include presentations highlighting successes from MPOs across Indiana, FHWA in Indiana and Kentucky discussing their recent planning efforts, and agencies in other states offering alternative process for project development.


Four mobile workshops will highlight the recent successes in southwestern Indiana and Henderson, Kentucky. One workshop will include a tour of the four Cultural Districts in Evansville with a ride on the TED Trolley, funded by a local non-profit to provide transportation between districts. Another workshop will tour downtown Evansville and the Evansville Regional Airport to see the projects recently completed and underway as part of the Regional Cities Initiative for Southwestern Indiana. The tour to Henderson, Kentucky will provide a view of the US 41 upgrades that will help traffic flow between the two states, a walking tour of historic Downtown Henderson, and a walk along the Audubon Boardwalk. The tour to Historic Newburgh and Warrick County will include a stop at Friedman Park, a Regional Cities project adjacent to Victoria National Golf Club, a walk along the Rivertown Trail along the Ohio River, and a tour of Downtown Newburgh. 


Sessions on Wednesday afternoon will include four separate tracts. One tract will include three presentations discussing Corridor Studies in Evansville. The Transit Tract will provide an overview of Remix planning software, job access planning, and the TED Trolley connecting Evansville’s Cultural Districts. The Bike/Ped Tract will discuss complete streets projects, an overview of the FHWA Small Town and Rural Design Guide, and the efforts of the Warrick Trails non-profit organization. The Health & Environment Tract will discuss placemaking efforts, alternative stormwater solutions, and understanding energy. 

Contact Info

Tish Mayfield, tmayfield@thecorydongroup.com


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