Rural Planning Caucus of Virginia 2018 Conference - Connecting Rural Virginia

Rural Planning Caucus of Virginia


Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 1 p.m.
Friday, October 19, 2018, noon EDT

Pembroke, VA, United States


Planners are being challenged to provide guidance and leadership as governments, faced with a renewed awareness of the importance of re inventing local economies and preserving resources, continue to promote prosperity for its citizens.  As resources are examined, governments, local stakeholders and planners are realizing more clearly the importance of small business development and tourism to a prosperous local economy.  Similarly, communities are focusing more on the provision of techonolgy, transit and global interest in natural resources necessary to support local prosperity.  The planners’ challenge will be to balance these often conflicting interests to focus on utilizing existing resources.  The “2018 Rural Planning Caucus of Virginia Conference: Connecting Rural Virginia" is a two and a half day program that focuses on strategies and techniques that advance the concepts of rural planning; sustainable resources; alternatives to traditional tourism using modern technology; public utility provision; broadband service; rural challenges and opportunities; legalities of different regulations; and planning law.  Participants will gain understanding of a comprehensive strategy for addressing these concepts and acquire specific skills in best practices for managing resources, community impacts of current rural issues and promiting local resources for tourism. The intended audience for this conference includes county administrators, city and town managers, economic development directors, farmers and local business owners, agriculture and conservation advocates, as well as design and planning professionals--architects, engineers, planners, landscape architects, and transportation engineers--who are engaged in master planning, regulation development and enforcement, economic development, producing and marketing local goods and infrastructure design. The program presents the concepts outlined herein through lectures, detailed case studies, group discussion and exercises. Participants will: (1) understand strategies to benefit from natural resource preservation and tourism; facilitate integration of local resources with potential tourism markets and supportive land use; 2) explore concepts of broadband infrastructure needs assessment and development of procedures for strategies for providing techonology; (3) examine transportation options; (4) consider economic and resource considerations of public/private partnerships; (5) assess legal standing and operational and managementt practices relative to codied regulations and court decisions; and (6) planning law revisions facing planners.  The Conference, held at the beautiful Mountain Lake Resort in Pembroke, Virginia, is sponsored by: Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission; Devil's Backbone Brewery; Draper Aden Associates; EPR, PC; Gay and Neel, Inc.; American Electric Power; Hurt and Proffitt; Virginia Association of Counties;  Bold Rock Hard Cider; and Virginia Housing Development Authority.

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