“Yes in My Back Yard!” – Planning & Implementing Energy and Housing Goals

APA Northern New England Chapter


Friday, September 27, 2019
noon - 4 p.m. EDT

Randolph, VT, United States


“Yes in My Backyard!” will review long-standing issues in affordable housing in Vermont as well as recently-passed renewable energy planning laws and policies, which create friction between the public, developers, and planners when it comes time to implement projects. The conference will feature municipal planners, regional planners, lawyers, and developers, discussing the intricacies of current housing and energy regulations as well as methods to foster sustainable growth. Through conversation, the goal is to spark ideas that will create attractive smart growth solutions.

The conference will consist of three sections:

1.       An update on planning legislation passed in 2019, what to expect from the legislative committee in 2020, and news on the Act 250 bill

2.       A panel on navigating Act 174, which entails understanding the responsibilities of municipalities regarding energy planning and Section 248, as well as methods to implement renewable energy planning projects

3.       A panel on creating affordable housing, with overviews on possible regulatory barriers, methods to foster the creation of affordable housing, and ways to creatively advance housing goals. 


Judd Hall, at Vermont Technical College, in Randolph, Vermont.


Access to all the sessions

- Coffee, pastries and lunch


- General Registration -- $45

- Students and Retirees -- $25

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Contact Info

Ravi Venkataraman, rvenkataraman@shelburnevt.org


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