Sustainable Urbanism 3: Urban Design with Nature

APA Technology Division


Tuesday, January 27, 2009
2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Chicago/Denver, IL, United States

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This webinar is designed to address Sustainable Urbanism, both the theory behind it and how planners can achieve it in practice, including the technical and non-technical tools that can help. The depth and scope of the webinars is appropriate for typical AICP members, and follows the material in the book Sustainable Urbanism, which is geared toward this level of professional. The webinars are non-promotional, material covered is in the Sustainable Urbanism book, but there is no specific marketing of Farr Associates, PlaceMatters, or the APA Technology Division. These webinars address demonstrated educational needs of AICP members. The demand for training for planners to address sustainability in their work is clear, both via the number of attendees at the first two sessions of this webinar series and the increasing number of session at the APA National Conference that address sustainability. The educational purpose is clear in these sessions, they address sustainable approaches to planning. This third session in particular will cover Applying the 2030 Challenge in Your Community, and LEED ND. The sessions over all will cover: sustainable urbanism-where we need to go; integrating transportation and land use; creating sustainable neighborhoods through density and walkability; the process and tools for implementing sustainable urbanism; linking humans to nature including open spaces and local food; building high-performance neighborhoods including district energy systems; using tools and techniques for engaging the public and making more informed decisions.